Sichuan's friends of China Technology Group entered a new er

2018-07-20 16:42 yh-gp

In the past 2017, the general secretary of Xi Jinping declared solemnly to the world on the nineteen main party of the party, and socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. This is a new historical position for our country to develop, and also a guideline for Sichuan friendly China Technology Group, which is firmly committed to serving the country by industry.


Together with a dream together

Sichuan friends China Science and technology group is entering a new era

In the morning of February 7th, the thousand years of salt are covered in a new spring rain, but the "rain" is more like the "rain" in the prosperous city of the new spring festival in the city of Sichuan. In his passionate speech, Mr. Wu Youhua, the chairman of the regiment, reaped an exciting news - the friend Hua group took a new step in 2017 and will run in the new era with his dream in 2018.

The three thousand dam banquet greets the new spring

  Rising solemn flag, singing the magnificent national anthem, patriotic, love and love of the family of 3000 friends of the Chinese, in the friend Hua group leader Mr. Wu Youhua's true call, together, to share the joy of success, to enhance the "family" friendship, to seek common development.

  Happy song and dance exhibition, the glory of friends forever in the heart. The reunion will follow the feast tradition of the dam and dam of the new spring festival of the group of friends of the group. The staff of the group will take turns on the stage, presenting a variety of literary and art programs and transmitting the spirit of the Chinese people in all directions. All the awards presented at the scene, as well as the red packets that have been sent out continuously, are more exciting climaxes. In the joyful atmosphere, Mr. Wu Youhua, chairman of Sichuan friends China Science and technology group, made his speech on the stage. He sincerely thanked the Party committee and the municipal government for giving the correct direction of development and comprehensive help in the process of promoting the development of Zigong by the municipal government and the municipal government. China Group's concern and support, thanks to the staff of the group in the past year's efforts and hard work, he said: "we will continue to adhere to and strive to lead the group to every company, constantly improve ourselves, to create high quality products and projects!" Build our products with care, and serve our business with our heart. " Wu general's speech has injected new impetus into each of the Chinese friends. The staff and representatives present expressed their strong strength and confidence to meet the opportunities and challenges of the new year.

 "I have worked in the company for 17 years. At the beginning, it was still very difficult. But I didn't expect the company to be so big and so good now! " After drinking a couple of drinks, the eyes of Lao Yang's eyes came from the pump company of friends of Hua group.

      It is reported that the three thousand friends of the wonderful group of friends of the dam feast has also attracted the attention of the community, the number of live webcast viewing up to 279 thousand.

Friends Hua group takes a new step

Looking back 2017, the Chinese friends are deeply and heroic. In the past year, under the leadership of chairman Wu Youhua and under the guidance of the leaders of all levels of government and the support of all walks of life, the group of friends, under the joint efforts of all the staff, insisted on emancipating the mind, innovation drive and industrial transformation, not only based on the traditional business of equipment manufacturing and real estate development, but also more courageous. Challenges, the diversification of the road, the development of high-tech industries, business management services, involved in financial investment and other fields, through the optimization of the management strategy, all the subsidiaries have achieved outstanding performance, the development of the group has taken a new step.

  One is the steps of the management strategy. The company actively responds to the national "one way" policy, energetically expand the overseas market, and oversea orders have broken through 1 billion yuan. The main economic indicators of the product order and sales revenue of the industrial pump company have increased by more than 40%, and the best level of history is created. The combination of production, research and research has achieved a twist this year. The total amount of investment and construction projects of real estate companies has exceeded 2 million square meters. Chinese businessmen, parks, friends Hua, Longhu, Asayama Ri and friendship bloom have created a beautiful "friend Hua" card for the real estate business, and the property of the Yuet Yuet house in Chongqing is unveiled. The business market has been further expanded; the city of China has become a mature commercial complex. As the "new window" of the Millennium salt capital, it has been widely praised in the whole Sichuan Province. In 2017, the subsidiaries were full of achievements.

  Two is the technical steps of the product. You Hua group optimizes the industrial structure, all subordinate enterprises have achieved product upgrading, and technology has made new breakthroughs. 23 new authorized patents were added to the company, and the State Ministry of science and technology was appraised as the national advantage enterprise of intellectual property. The new high wear-resistant alloy materials developed by the industrial pump company obtained the super expected operation effect. All the products exported to Mexico and Turkey went into operation smoothly, and the development of the high value-added products of the East Carbon public corporation made great progress. On the nine day, the company successfully applied for the utility model, such as "conical energy dissipation valve", "anti drowning door" and other practical new patents, and successfully produced 320 tons of large open and close machines.

  The three is the level of management level. You Hua group strengthens internal control and improves management system. This year, the group company carried out the system work, revised the system 15 items, abolished the old and old system 7, the new system 32, compiled a 22.28 thousand words system manual, further improved the construction of management system.

  Four, the talent reserves up the steps. The whole group is ready to take precautions, establish a reserve pool of talents, introduce 61 professional talents, complete 39 times of professional training of reserve cadres, financial personnel, marketing personnel and so on, and train 432 classes, a total of 976 people participate in training, do a good job of entering the new era of talent reserve, and build a good people's echelon to realize the dream of a hundred years. Lay a solid foundation.

The core business circle of the Chinese businessmen and the international city

The colorful life field, the happy gathering place. To say that the people of Zigong are most familiar with the friends Hua group, or have become the Chinese businessmen and international cities in the center of the city, the Spring Festival is coming, the annual Lantern Festival is once again blooming "China lantern city", and the tourists from the north and the south are coming to Zigong. As the host of Zigong people, they will not forget to invite relatives and friends coming from a long time. Friends go to China Merchants International City to taste authentic salt dishes and various kinds of food. This not only has become the habit of Zigong people, but also a kind of pride, because this modern city complex, the city of Zigong "new business card", will let friends in the field of Zigong look at the development of the eyes.

  The rapid rise of Chinese businessman and international city should be regarded as a successful textbook case in South Sichuan. From three years ago, to second years of overall growth, and then to the reputation of last year, it can be described as the new business circle, the new image of the brand status, for urban upgrading, commercial upgrading, consumption upgrading plays an important role, and become a more powerful engine for the upgrading of Zigong City Construction upgrading.

  According to Yuan Quan, general manager of China Business Group Co., Ltd., according to the three year strategic development plan of the group, Chinese business company firmly set up the value concept of "service first, quality first, management first", closely surrounding "professional promotion, operation as the base, service first, customer respecting, quality first-class, management deep ploughing" The overall train of thought of innovation and development and the spirit of Chinese business is ramming the foundation, standardizing management, laying stress on the implementation, making a sharp innovation, making good achievements in every work. The company is moving towards fine, professional, high quality and efficient direction. By the end of December 2017, the first phase of Chinese merchants and international cities has reached 632, the use rate of shops is 97.09%, the annual sales volume is about 550 million yuan, and the growth of target 200% at the beginning of the year has been realized. The annual 486 planning and marketing activities, and the daily reception of more than 1.2 million people, let twenty million consumers in Zigong feel happy and happy in Chinese merchants.

  When we buy and consume, enjoy and taste the food in the city of the international city, we feel that when we are looking forward to the early entry of the Hilton Hotel to the city of Zigong, we are looking forward to the Chinese businessmen who are about to start in 2018. When the two or three phase of the international city project depicts a more ambitious blueprint, we are also in a silent place to praise the enterprise spirit and value concept of the group.

  It is particularly worth mentioning that, because of the growing prosperity of the Chinese businessmen and the international city, the Nanhu area has also become a new core business circle of vigor and vitality, symbolizing the golden area of the new features of the Millennium salt capital.


Perspective on the new layout of the future

 Every time we turn to the old and welcome the new year, we must look forward to the future with hope. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the 2018, with the turning point of the transformation and upgrading of this old industrial city in Zigong, the group is starting a new layout with a high spirit and a long-term vision.

   Looking around the world, the age of the manufacturing industry depends on the demographic dividend. "Made in China" is also changing to "China", 3D printing, robot, autopilot, Cloud Computing... More and more new technologies and new products are applied to all fields of society at an amazing speed, and they are rapidly infiltrated into various industries. If an industrial enterprise does not have a sense of anxiety and no spirit of innovation, it will soon be eliminated in the fierce market competition. The foresight of the decision - making layer of the friendship group has clearly seen this point, and has issued a powerful declaration that "industrial manufacturing emphasizes innovation and change, and we must hold two hands and hard hands."

   As the faster the enterprise develops, the more business increases, more attention should be paid to quality and benefit, so as to win the recognition of the customers and the society. Therefore, at the same time, we continue to improve the quality as the direction of persistence.

   Today, as a cornerstone of the equipment manufacturing industry, at the same time, it has five major industrial clusters, such as equipment manufacturing, real estate development and management, new materials, financial investment and management, wine industry and so on, and a large private group with diversified development. It is the native representative of Zigong, Sichuan, famous national and the world. We are committed to the new mission entrusted by the new era.    


Reporter's note: a dream nation has a bright future, and a country with dreams has boundless brilliance. The Chinese dream is a great dream. Its greatness lies in the common aspiration of 1 billion 380 million Chinese people. The beautiful vision of "You Hua Meng" is actually the concrete embodiment of "China dream" in the group of friends of China. "Chinese dream", "enterprise dream" and "my dream" are closely linked and closely related. Because of this, the most exciting moment at the 2018 New Spring Festival in Sichuan friends China Science and technology group is the most touching moment of the song "one of the same walks of the way".

(reporter Chen Jidong)